Safety services windsor ontario

Turn Key Group Ltd. believes that Health, Safety and Environmental concerns are the responsibility of every employee and person on the jobsite no matter their title or position. Our livelihood is dependent on our attitude towards Health and Safety. We believe we are leaders in Health, Safety and Environmental awareness policies and practices. Our Safety Program is developed and monitored to ensure a team approach and is implemented with the pride and effectiveness that results from excellence.

Our people are well versed in all Health and Safety areas and work together in achieving a unified goal of minimizing and ultimately eliminating injuries from our jobsites.

Safety Program

 Zero accident tolerance

 Accountability and hazard awareness analysis

 Total management commitment

 Due diligence

Adherence to:

 Workplace Safety and Insurance Act

 Building Code Act

 Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act

 Ministry of Labour Act

 Employment Standards Act

Environmental Procedures

 Reduce / Re-use / Recycle

 Storage / Location / Disposal

 Plant Environmental Rules / Regulations

 Materials to Be Used

 Protective Equipment Containment – Alarms Shutdown – Evacuation

 Monitor & Reporting

 Emissions Control

Safety Practices

 Daily Inspection – Major Powered Equipment

 Monthly Inspection – All Tools and Equipment

 Independent Monthly Service of Powered Equipment

Safety Training

 Pre-employment Instruction

 Pre-job Start Meetings

 Weekly Toolbox Talks Confined Space

 Powered & Standard Hand Tools


 Ladder Selection, Inspection & Use

 Operation of Powered Industrial Vehicles

 Personal Protective Equipment

 Progressive Discipline

 Monthly & Weekly Safety Meetings

 Continuous Foreman Training

 Continuous Employee Training


 Cylinder Storage


 Fall Protection

 Accident Investigations

 Emergency Procedures

 Site Audits

 Site Specific Safety Programs

 Ongoing Communications and Training